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Soham Veda hopes to eradicate health and stress related
problems that so many people suffer from nowadays.



Visualise the mindfulness.

Giedre Povilaityte

I am really very lucky having a possibility to spend some time with Dr.Sohan. Thank you very much for your treatment, pieces of advice, respect and attention. My basic knowledge gained while staying besides you, has become very supporting and important in my every day life. The most important, that you are available any time you are needed. Thank you for all your answered questions, remindings. You teach as how to love unconditionally through sharing your time, thoughts and patience.

Anete Suta

Thank you, Sohan, for helping me and my husband achieve a more open and calmer mind, a healthier body and a more positive view on life! I highly recommend experiencing the benefits of accupressure, ayurveda and trips organised by Dr. Sohan Veer Singh. It is always a pleasure to meet him and his wife every single time - such calm and pleasant people are uncommon nowadays.

Edita Tavoriene

It’s amazing to get the knowledge :)

We take your well-being seriously.